Check out our Mentors, who are here to help you throughout your internship. 

Mentors With Vision

Our Mentors

The supervisors and mentors at TIQC are here to assist you with your internship and to address any questions or issues you may have. We’re here to make sure your internship is successful, beneficial, and easy.

Executive Director

Ying Zhou

Ying is the executive director at TIQC and is in charge of all of TIQC’S operations. 

Project Manager

Ariba Razzaq

The established initiatives inside TIQC are managed and planned for by Ariba, the project manager of TIQC. She oversees the internship and makes sure the required projects are being done.

Internship Supervisor

Dilpreet Kaur

Dilpreet provides Digital Marketing services at TIQC. She supervises and leads the internship while managing all the intern projects. She also helps with any questions/concerns interns might have.


Natalie Greaves

Natalie, a mentor at TIQC, gives feedback to interns throughout their internship or at the end of a project so they may better understand what they are doing right and where they need to make improvements.

WordPress Instructor

Raiyan Rafi

At TIQC, Raiyan develops WordPress websites and offers other tech support services. He teaches the WordPress course and demonstrates to interns how to create and use a WordPress website.

Social Media Projects Supervisor

Karishma Hardeen

Karishma is in charge of the digital marketing initiatives of TIQC. Throughout the internship, she is responsible for the social media and video editing tasks. She imparts knowledge on interns on how to develop and carry out social media plans, producing relevant content for social media, blogs, websites, and other digital platforms in keeping with the organization’s overall brand strategy.

Social Media Projects Supervisor

Marilyn Echeverria

At TIQC, Marilyn takes care of the Digital Marketing projects. She She oversees the social media initiatives during the internship, giving interns knowledge of the day-to-day operations so they can put strategies in place to advertise and promote the client’s business.

Social Media Projects Supervisor

Vivian Luo

At TIQC, Vivian helps with the digital marketing initiatives. She oversees the social media projects throughout the internship, giving interns insights into the clients’ projects and equipping them with a variety of professional skills, including content creation, newsletter and more.